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Truck driver charged after "menacing, filming" cyclists

The driver, who was filmed drenching a group of riders with a puddle, was summoned to court for driving with intent to menace and using a phone while driving

WARNING: Video contains swearing

A driver who soaked a group of people on bikes with a puddle on a motorway on Monday, and posted the footage to Facebook, has been summoned to court over his actions.

The 43-year-old man, who described on camera what he was about to do because he “hates pushbikes”, was pulled over at a vehicle inspection site on Wednesday, and issued with a court attendance notice for using a mobile phone while driving, and driving a motor vehicle with intent to menace.

One of the men targeted by the driver, giving just his first name, Blake, said the man’s actions could have resulted in the group of riders crashing, and possibly ending up under the wheels of another passing truck.

Video: Cyclist-hating truck driver deliberately soaks group of riders and publishes footage to Facebook

“It’s just so calculated; the premeditation of the act. He had identified us, tracked us,” Blake said.

On Wednesday, police told the Sydney Morning Herald officers pulled over a truck driver at a heavy vehicle inspection site, where he was issued with the court attendance notice.

The maximum penalty for menacing driving with intent is 18 months in jail and/or a maximum fine of AUS$3300 for a first offence.

The man is due to appear in Waverley Local Court on September 21.

The driver, who appears to have filmed the incident on his phone while driving, can be heard in the footage saying: "So, we hate pushbikes".

“We're not allowed to run them over," he then laments, before executing his plan.

“Up ahead I see a little bit of water. So, now's a good time to start the overtaking manoeuvre, I believe. Here we go."

The camera then moves to the side window where a group of cyclists can be seen in his mirrors getting drenched.

The incident is reported to have taken place at about 6.30am, heading south on General Holmes Drive near Sydney Airport.

Blake said the group stayed in the middle lane as it could be "hectic" and dangerous to move there once the left lane ended.

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