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Video: "Anarchy" as massive group bike ride heads through Central London

Warning: video contains strong language

Onlookers have described seeing “swarms” of cyclists riding through Central London in the wake of the latest #BikeStormz group ride. The annual event, organised by was said to have resulted in traffic being brought to a halt on Victoria Embankment and Westminster Bridge with one witness describing the scenes as “anarchy.”

The London Evening Standard reports that while the riders were followed by police for at least some of the ride, witnesses said some of those involved were trying to be intimidating, while the manager of a Costcutter on Tooley Street claimed that a group of youths stole soft drinks from the shop while the demonstration was in progress.

A Met Police spokeswoman said they were not aware of any arrests being made as a result of the demonstration.

Douglas Dunn, who was walking to London Bridge when he saw the riders, said:

"They were travelling recklessly, speeding through red traffic lights and holding up the traffic on each side. It was quite unnerving due to the sheer number of cyclists – we think in the hundreds.

"After the bulk of cyclists had passed through, we saw around four large police vans following them, and other police cars on the periphery."

Eva Charrington, a cyclist who saw the event, told the Southwark News that she felt it gave cyclists a bad name.

“People were cycling along in swarms and one came up behind me and told me to get out of the way. They started going the wrong way up main roads. It’s ridiculous really. The police had to be called for everyone’s safety. It was anarchy.

“I called the police later on to say what I saw. I think it gives cyclists a bad name. Later on two thousand came bombing through Bermondsey. I know they were just little kids having fun but after these incidents I think cyclists have to be licensed.

“Something has to be done. I actually think the parents don’t know what they are up to. They were all quite young. I am sure their parents would like to know what they’re up to. I think it’s just a case of them being young and not knowing.”

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