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Exclusive Ribble cycling deals for readers

The DealCatcher's got a couple of exclusive deals from Ribble an wheels and Assos bib shorts + more bargains!...

Exclusive cycling deals are back in the DealCatcher's hands, by way of the deal merchants over at Ribble Cycles.

Not only are the deals exclulsive, they're massive too! If you're after a pair of top quality summer bib shorts, but you're unwilling to shell out full whack, or you fancy a new set of wheels to roll through the sunny months ahead, you've come to the right place.

You won't get these deals anywhere else: Assos bib shorts - Ribble's full range - at 10% extra off over their already discounted price, and two sets of Shimano wheels at an extra 20% off for readers!

Now, don't shirk too much, we know the wheels are MTB wheels. However, we also know that there are plenty of cross-discipline riders amongst our reader base, and we've also been telling you  recently why your next bike should be a mountain bike recently, so indulge us.

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We've also scoured the rest of Ribble's clearance items to find even more stonking deals for you guys to sink your hungry teeth into.

Check out their discounted range of Shimano shoes, the Ribble Prime Road Bike which has seen a 40% discount, Craft rain jackets at 75% off, Assos socks at 39% off, and Continental inner tubes at an incredible 80% discount!


Extra 10% off all Assos Bib Shorts - EXCLUSIVE
With code - 'ROADCC-ASSOSBIB10'

42% off Assos Ladies T FI. 13 Bib Shorts
WAS £199.99 | NOW £117.00

Assos Ladies T FI 13 bib shorts.jpg

Following the first link we've included here will take you straight to the Assos range from which you can get an extra 10% off just by using our exclusive little coupon code.

We thought we'd point you in the direction of a couple of pairs of shorts from here though, both to give you a little bit of information and to make your lives easier.

Both men's and women's bib shorts are available with the code, this pair of T FI. 13 bibs have seen a rather hefty discout, and offer anatomically appropriate support for women.

The antistatic carbon fibre mesh back panel, elastic leg grippers, high density memory foam insert, and the ASSOS Bib Closure-Mechanism offer almost unmatchable comfort and adjustment features.

Assos bibs are expensive, but they're worth it. Don't believe us? Check out our 9/10 Assos T.Works_Teamshorts_s7 review below:

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24% off Assos T.Centro S7 Bib Shorts
WAS £219.99 | NOW £168.30

Assos Mens T Cento S7 bib shorts.jpg

As we mentioned before, there are both men's and women's shorts available as part of this discount.

One option in the men's department are the T.Centro S7 bibs.

These bibs are slightly more tailored to comfort than other members of Assos's range of bibshorts, especially for those of you who would classify yourselves as somewhat more robust riders.

There's less leg compression, a higher percentage of spandex, and the waist and abdominal fit is less restrictive - all of which adds up to an exceptionally comfortable fit.


52% off Shimano's MT15 Wheels - EXCLUSIVE
With code - 'ROADCC-MT15'
WAS £134.99 | NOW £65.00

Shimano PR Wheels mt 15.jpg

So, if you've listened to our advise above and you've invested in a mountain bike, you might be looking to upgrade those often overweight stock wheels.

Shimano's MT 15 wheels do just that.

These wheels weigh in at just under 2kg - 1,982g to be precise - and are 24.6mm wide disc rims. They're 8 and 9-speed groupset compatible and feature 28 spokes on both the front and rear wheels.


48% off Shimano's MT35 Wheels - EXCLUSIVE
With code - 'ROADCC-MT35'
WAS £154.99 | NOW £80.00

Shimano MT35 Wheels.jpg

The slightly more expensive MT35s feature a 24-spoke cross-laced front wheel and a 28-spoke cross-laced rear one, they're compatible with all Shimano and SRAM 8, 9, and 10-speed groupsets, and weigh in at a palateble 1.9kg for the pair.


10% off Shimano shoes
With code - 'SHIMSHOES10'

35% off Shimano's RP5 SPD-SL Road Shoes
WAS £89.99 | NOW £58.32


There's a great selection of Shimano shoes available over at Ribble right now, and what's more: they're all especially cheap at the moment.

The site are running a net-wide 10% discount on their Shimano range, and one of our favourites - the RP5s - are included in that sale.

Our man Jez Ash reviewed these back in February. He gave them an 8/10 and said:

"They're an excellent pair of cycling kicks, offering both 2-bolt and 3-bolt cleat compatibility, and I found them so comfortable that I tended to forget about them while riding."

- Read more:'s Shimano RP5 SPD-SL Road Shoe review


40% off Ribble's Prime Road Bike
WAS £499.99 | NOW £299.99

Ribble Prime Road Bike.jpg

At this price, the Ribble Prime represents incredible value for money if you're looking for your first road bike.

The bike runs Shimano's entry level 8-speed Claris groupset, Schwalbe Lugano tyres, an Octalink chainset, on an alloy frame with a carbon fork.

As far as we're concerned, for £300 this bike is phenomenal.


75% off Craft's Performance Bike Rain Jacket
WAS £90.00 | NOW £22.39

Craft Performance Rain Jacket.jpg

Sure, it's not raining right now - or is it? - but knowing British summer time, it will, soon.

If it doesn't soon, it will before the summer is out. And if by some miracle it stays dry until September, it'll probably rain like the end of days then.

Either way, you'll need a rain coat at some point, and what better time to invest in one than now, while they're really cheap?

Craft's performance rain jacket got a fantastic 8/10 when we reviewed it here at - and that was before it cost you almost pennies to aquire.

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39% off Assos Mille Socks evo7 - 2 pairs
WAS £22.99 | NOW £13.99

Assos Mille Socks evo7.jpg

This is a phenomenal deal. Two pairs of performance cycling socks for £13.99? Where do we sign up?

The Assos Mille Socks evo7 feature a honeycomb mesh for high breathability in the summer months, and reinforced ankle zones for comfort.

What's not to love?


80% off Continental Race Light Inner Tubes
WAS £11.99 | NOW £2.28

Continental Race Light Inner Tube.jpg

Finally: unbelievably cheap inner tubes.

You'll always need 'em, so get 'em while they're cheap. That's what we say.

If you need a bit more guidance, check out our buyer's guide to inner tubes:

- Read more:'s buyer's guide to inner tubes

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chokofingrz | 7 years ago

The Craft rain jacket is listed as £45 on your own review from 2010. Did they double its price since then? Or is it just to make their latest sale look all the more eye-popping?

Crashboy | 7 years ago

Am assuming these are the 26" wheels...Ribble website doesn't say, but if you do a search for wheels and apply the filters for differetn sizes, they come up as the 26ers...

usedtobefaster | 7 years ago
1 like

That inner tube deal is misleading.  That price is for 650 not 700c as pictured.

There are discounts on the 700c versions but not as high

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