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Videos: TdF penis, Team Sky kids, & Peter Sagan = Rocky

The video round-up has an expected Tour de France streak running through it + an eagle-eyed bus passenger saves a cyclist's keys...

This week's video round-up features plenty of highs and almost no lows - unless you count a slightly heartbroken reflective ride in India a low.

Our highs start with one of the best examples of cycle feel good-ery we've ever seen. Sure, it's not a life saving act, or even a life changing example of kindness. What you'll see is a simple example of an eagle-eyed bus passenger looking out for a fellow road user.

After that we get a completely different feel-good cycling moment. It is the most immature members of the office's favourite piece of footage from the Tour de France so far.

We've then got Team Sky's 'Mini Team Sky' series of videos which bring you a group of the cycling team's children look-a-likes' misadventures.

Peter Sagan as Rocky follows, alongside a mid-sprint desk collapse over at Radio 5 Live, a New Yorker's attempt at making a day's wage working for Uber's RUSH bike messenger service.

We close things off with a fantastic - if slightly aged and in a language we don't understand - Tour de France cartoon, and a pensive cycle around a stunning part of India.


Good Samaritan bus passenger

Here's your feel-good video of the week.

Bus overtakes cyclist, a little further down the road the cyclist approaches the same bus at a bus stop. A passenger who has recently gotten off the bus hails the cyclist down to inform him that he dropped his keys about 800m down the road.

Low and behold, about 800m down the road, a set of keys sit on the tarmac.

Here's to you bus passenger, and your cyclist helping ways.


Tour de Penis


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If you didn't giggle, you've got a significantly more mature sense of humour than most of us here at

We're not sure if that's a good thing or not.

Excuse us while we watch it loop over another four or five time.



 Mini Team Sky

If this is the first time you're seeing these little scamps, you've been missing out.

Team Sky have been filming these mini Froomes, Thomases, Stannards and Brailsfords for a while, and you can watch all of their escapades over on the Sky Loves Cycling Facebook page.

This episode sees the kids learning how to take on water while they're cycling, it's harder than it looks, warns big Chris Froome. How right he is.


Rocky Sagboa...

Excuse our terrible pun, but Peter Sagan's out and about pretending to be movie characters again.

This one sees him taking part in a Rocky Balboa training regime, and it follows him pulling out his best John Travolta impression in his Grease tribute.

All of this is done in the name of artificial sweetener brand *sunroot.


How to deal with a mid-sprint desk collapse


For loads of people the idea of commentating on the Tour de France is a dream come true, especially for a company like the BBC.

Imagine, sat in state-of-the-art commentary boxes with like minded people in beautiful parts of France watching the race fly by; perfect.

Sorry, did we say BBC and state-of-the-art commentary box? Apparently not.


Can you earn a living as an Uber bike messenger?

We know it's the question on most of your lips.

Unfortunately, according to digital media company Mashable, you can't.

At least, not aboard a BMX on your first day of being an UberRush rider. Perhaps a longer test period is needed.


Cartoon Tour de France

We're not totally sure what this is or where it's come from, or even what exactly  is going on - yes we know it's a race.

Going by the teams involved, its several years old, but we want more. Loads more.


Cycle touring in India

This is a short film about finding enough courage to set out alone on a bike tour.

Those of you who have been in this position may well know what kind of courage that requires, but you'll also know the beautiful benefits of that isolation.

Videographer jambi-jambi does a stunning job of capturing that emotion.

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CyberTonTo72 | 7 years ago

Cartoon Tour de France

It is not a cartoon it is anime from Japan, how you never heard Japanese before?
If you want more you should check out  Yowamushi Pedal, 2 series and a movie have been released.

HalfWheeler replied to CyberTonTo72 | 7 years ago
CyberTonTo72 wrote:

Cartoon Tour de France

It is not a cartoon it is anime from Japan, how you never heard Japanese before?
If you want more you should check out  Yowamushi Pedal, 2 series and a movie have been released.

Anime...that's a Japanese cartoon, right?

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