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Radio 4 broadcast documentary about cycling couriers

Couriers in London and New York talk about how they're coping with the recession...

TUNE in to Radio 4 at 11am today for ‘City Messengers – Still Pedalling?’, a documentary about cycle couriers or if you miss it you can catch it on their Listen Again service (it's pick of the day for today).

The half-hour doc revisits a group of London cycle couriers first encountered in a programme last summer, who now have to face the economic downturn as well as the perils of the road.

In last summer's documentary listeners met 43-year-old Will Melling, who still longs to be a photographer; Nhatt Attack, a young American for whom the road is an escape from “thinking too much”; and Buffalo Bill, whose last delivery as a courier was mince pies to a famous film producer.

Now, as the recession deepens London couriers’ average earnings have dropped from £60 to £40 per day. The programme finds out how they are coping here and Stateside.

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