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Wagamama advertising bike draws cyclists' ire

Cyclists say the bike, parked near Mansion House tube station in London, is taking up valuable bike parking

A Wagamama advertising bike has angered cyclists on social media this week, and prompted the use of some fruity language.

The restaurant chain has left a green painted bike on the street chained to a bike rack in the City of London and cyclists on Reddit post “how to advertise like a complete c***womble” are calling for it to be removed by the council.

It is by no means the first bike used for advertising purposes (some examples from Manchester), but critics say it is taking up valuable bike parking space on the street, that people cycling in the area should be using instead.

Council claims duff cycle racks are actually 'public art'

One Reddit user says: “Report it to the council as an abandoned bike or illegal advertisement. Council gets money from advertising so should take it seriously.”

Other users suggested removing the Wagamama sign from the bike rack, near Mansion House tube station, and photographing it at different restaurants around London.

BikeBiz reported last month a tech start-up firm has come up with a digital screen carrying advertising, which attaches to a bike’s pannier rack, which a rider is paid to cycle.

Wagamama has been contacted for comment.


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