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Great cycling deals on SiS, Castelli, & Ribble

The DealCatcher's found bargains on a sub-£1000 carbon bike, recovery protein, and a stunning summer jersey...

Stop looking out the window. Seriously, don't look. Ignore all of the evidence and just listen to what we've got to say: summer is coming.

It's the end of April, and yeah, there have been reports of snow and sleet in parts of the UK, but when have we ever let a little bit of bad weather stop us from getting excited for the impending summer months?

Exactly. We haven't. And we're not going to start now.

So, in that vein, the DealCatcher's got a particularly summery DealCatcher to get you in the mood.

Starting with Ribble's unbelievable full carbon Evo Pro that will be your perfect summer riding companion - especially now that you can get your hands on it for under £800.

Second up is Castelli's Formula FZ summer jersey which is on offer over at Evans Cycles. It's the perfect sunny day performance jersey for riders who aren't looking to cut the blood supply off to their arms in a bid to shave a couple of aerodynamically granted seconds off their best Strava times.

Finally, the folks over at Science in Sport have sliced 40% off of their asking price for their REGO Recovery mix. It's the perfect blend of protein, carbohydrates, and electrolytes to help you maintain those muscular gains while putting you in the best possible position to get up and ride efficiently again tomorrow.


Ribble Cycles

20% off Ribble's Evo Pro Special Edition Road Bike
WAS £999.99 | NOW £799.99

Ribble Evo Pro Carbon.jpg

First we're paying a visit to Ribble Cycles.

Ribble have a fantastic bike building platform on their website which allows you to create bike builds of incredible value from a mixture of their own in-house Ribble branded bits, and your favourite component suppliers.

However, they'll sometimes offer a pre-made build that blows even the value of their bike building platform out of the water.

This full carbon set-up will only set you back £799.99 and for that incredibly low price you'll be getting SRAM's Rival 22 groupset, Fulcrum's Racing Sport Wheelset, a Selle Italia X1 Plus Flow saddle, Deda RHM01 handlebars, and of course Ribble's fantastic 3K carbon race frame.

The sum of these parts should come to a price point significantly higher than the one you'll be paying - just check out the reviews for the SRAM groupset hanging from this beast of a machine:

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Evans Cycles

49% off Castelli's Formula FZ Jersey
WAS £69.99 | NOW £35.00

Castelli Formula FZ Jersey.PNG

So, we clarified earlier that summer is on its way - despite the evidence at hand for many of you.

Once that bit of information sinks in, your mind will probably wander back to one of the most pressing issues in your life right now: working on your summer wardrobe.

If that is infact where your mind is wandering, let us point you in the direction of the sale on Castelli's Formula FZ jersey over at Evans Cycles.

At what is essentially a 50% discount, this summer oriented jersey offers fantastic value.

The full zip - which is weirdly where the FZ in the jersey's name comes from - will be helpful on those toasty summer climbs, while the slightly looser, more comfortable, fit offers a lot of the aerodynamic benefits of a professional team jersey without any of the uncomfortable, potentially unnecessary, pinch points for those of us who aren't quite built like Chris Froome.

If you want a bit of an idea as to what to expect, here's a review of a reasonably similar jersey from Castelli that graced our review desk a while ago:

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Science in Sport

40% off SiS REGO Rapid Recovery Mix
WAS £24.00 | NOW £14.39

SIS Rego Rapid Recovery 1kg.png

Finally, seeing as this sleet snow-like weather won't be around for long, we imagine you'll be wanting to get into the saddle a whole lot more than you have been over the last few months.

If that's the case, it's not going to be easy going on those poor, underutilised legs of yours - especially for the first few weeks.

So, let us help you. 

Science in Sport's REGO Rapid Recovery mix has a bit of Ronseal - as in, it does exactly what it says on the tin.

You're not only saving around £10 here, you're saving days of riding time. The combination of whey protein, elctrolytes, and carbohydrates in the mix provide the perfect concoction to facilitate muscle growth and mineral replacement so that you'll be good to go the morning after a long ride.

Don't believe us? We've had experience with SiS's REGO range - their REGO Protein Bars performed fantastically when they came our way for review:

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