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Great cycling deals from Boardman, Seasucker, & Fulcrum

Boardman Bikes' Factory Outlet continues to leak deals + innovative car bike racks & wheelsets...

Welcome to this evening's post-Easter DealCatcher cycling deal extraveganza! If you think that word, or punny versions of it, have been overused over the last couple of days, we apologise, but this one's worth it. Honestly.

With three 30%+ discounts from cycling brand stalwarts Fulcrum, Boardman, and SeaSucker, what more could you want?

We're also aware you might need a pick-me-up after your first day back at work following a four day break.

So, put that left over Easter chocolate down and tuck in to our delicious selection of cycling deals.



38% off Fulcrum's Racing Quattro Alloy Clincher Wheels
WAS £299.99 | NOW £184.99


On a budget and after a new pair of wheels that'll feel a whole lot more expensive than the bargain price you're willing to pay?

Well look no further.

Here you've got Fulcrum's Racing Quattro Alloy Clincher Wheelset, and when we had them in for review, our tech editor David Arthur called them:

"A lot of wheel for not a lot of money. Fast and durable, a great all-rounder"

If you need a bit more information, or you want to be sold a little more, we'll leave it to the expert - check out David's review below:

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Boardman Bikes

30% off Boardman's Air 9.0 2015/2015 Road Bike
WAS £1799.99 | NOW £1259.99


Did you know that you can get your hands on Boardman Bikes from years gone by on the cheap in the Factory Outlet section of their website?

Well, you do now.

Their range is as substantial as it is cheap, especially their non-current selection of bikes from last year and the year before.

Boardman are flogging their ranges of 2014/2015 bikes at a 30% discount, as well as their frames for a 40% discount, directly from their website.

One of the most compelling options is this flashy Air 9.0 which comes equipped with Shimano's 105 groupset, Mavic Askium rims, and a Fizik Ardea saddle.

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30% off SeaSucker's Mini Bomber Car-Mounted Bike Rack
WAS £399.99 | NOW £279.99

Seasucker bike rack.jpg

Finally, both in that we're at the end of this piece and this is the last item we'll be sharing with you today, and also in that the weather has finally started to warm up enough for us to start thinking about cycling holidays.

If you're thinking about heading up to the Lake District, or taking a dive under the Channel to some of those pretty French roads, you'll need a way of taking your bike with you.

You could do a whole lot worse, spend a whole lot more money, and end up with an old clunky piece of kit that's supposed to make your life and bike transportation experience easier.

Fortnunately, we've got you covered.

ProBikeKite have recently slashed the prices of their SeaSucker range, so much so that they're no leading the entire online marketplace in prices.

The concept is simple, and sounds scarily precarious, but trust us it's not.

SeaSucker have created a range od suction pads that are so effective that they'll keep your bike completely and utterly secured to your car.

Don't believe me? Ask Jez Ash, our reviewer who put the SeaSuckers through the ringer.

He gave them an 8/10, saying that the SeaSucker is an "ingenious rack [that] sticks your bike on just about any car, and is very quick and easy to use too."

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