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#mycyclingweekend + Eggscellent Cycle Surgery prizes

You could win a bike, body, and bonce care package this weekend, just fire over your Easter-y photos!

It's just as well spring sprung last weekend, Easter's no fun in winter! We know most of you will already be out on your bikes, because what else are long #mycyclingweekends for, but we thought we'd give you a heads up that Cycle Surgery are offering you some pretty great prizes!

All you've got to do to get your hands on the care package you can see below, is fire over your most Easter-y looking photos - we're talking bunnies, eggs, chocolate, and maybe the occasional bit of religious celebration if that tickles your fancy.



This week's #mycyclingweekend prize!

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The most important thing, behind the quality and quirkiness of your photo of course, is your requirement to include the #cyclesurgery hashtag in your entry. If you don't, I'm sorry but no matter how groundreakingly fantastic or how hilariously funny your photo is, you will not win.

- You must include the #cyclesurgery hashtag in order to win the prize!

Well, now we've got all the obligatory terms and conditions out of the way, let's *ahem* crack on.

It's Easter Weekend, right now it's Good Friday, it's one of the longest weekends of the year in terms of national holidays, so we hope you're already out making the most of it.

We want to see you lot enjoying yourselves. Long weekends mean big rides, or lots of rides. Rides with your family, your friends, your club, or maybe all of the above.

This one's a bit different, though. It's not just a long weekend. You're off for a reason, so get in the spirit of the occasion.

We want to see you getting cosy with the Easter Bunny, chowing down on some mid-ride chocolate, tucking in to a hot cross bun, or glugging down one of those famous Easter drinks - they exist right? Chocolatini? Hot Cross Rum? You'll work it out.

We've already had a couple of photos in from you guys who've got out there early. If you're riding to church, passing by an Easter egg hunt, or getting dressed up in some sort of traditional garb, share it with us - remember, you could win Cycle Surgery's care package!



Remember though, your #mycyclingweekend doesn't necessarily have to be Easter themed. We just want to see you riding and having fun.

So, here's a bit of inspiration in the form of a bunch of our favourite recent #mycyclingweekend photos! If you want to to get involved and take part in this week's competition, fire over your photo to us on Instagram, Faccebook, or Twitter with the #cyclesurgery and #mycyclingweekend hashtags attached!







Deep in the pain cave, but with a view.

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