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Video: Man builds world's heaviest (860kg) bike

No problem with UCI weight limit, then? Guinness World Record holder Jeff Peeters' machine makes light work of cobbles...

A Belgian man has pedalled himself into the Guinness World Records book by building the world’s heaviest rideable bike.

Jeff Peeters spent six months building the 860kg (or 1895 lb 15.6 oz) bike from salvaged materials. Perhaps more resembling a tractor than your average bicycle, nonetheless the 2.26m high and 5.04m long machine – complete with monster tyres that look to have come off an actual tractor – in agricultural green, has two wheels, pedals and handlebars.

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It was successfully cycled the requisite minimum 100m along a street in Mechelen, Belgium, to cheering crowds. We imagine the cobbles probably went unnoticed from that lofty saddle.

Chapeau Jeff!


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