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Yoga for Cyclists, part 4: Joint freeing

Road cycling forces your muscles into all kinds of strange positions; here's how to sort them out again...

We're bringing you the full series of Yoga for Cyclists videos, and in this installment, we look at the groups of muscles used in cycling, and how to free up the joints for greater movement and balance across opposing muscles.

The body's muscles work in pairs, one muscle extending and one muscle contracting to achieve every movement. Often, and particularly for cyclists, we only use one side of the equation, creating an increased possibility of injury and instability.

Here, resident yoga expert Kate Burt explains exactly how that can happen, and how the road bike posture forces muscles into partial contractions by default.

If, when watching our Yoga for Cyclists series, you identify a muscle group that lacks a complete range of movement, Kate will take you through some simple exercises to free up the muscles and joints.

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