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Video: Cyclists chased by ostrich

Meep meep: Roadrunner turns Wile E. Coyote as ostrich gives cyclists a run for their money

It’s one way to get in some sprint training on a bike ride, though not one we’d necessarily recommend.

Two cyclists got more than they bargained for when an ostrich appeared part way through their ride for a bit part as roadrunner, and commenced chasing them down the hill.

Perhaps it thought Wile E. Coyote was hot on its tail; perhaps it just fancied a run. We may never know as there’s tantalisingly little information about where the footage was shot – Chris Froome reckons it’s in Africa - or what happened afterwards. Either way, it looks like the giant bird lost interest after a while, and ran off the road.

An ostrich is a daunting adversary, however, armed with razor sharp claws and beaks, and with a  top speed of 45mph or 72km/h.

Perhaps it's no less scary than being chased by a dog – though a bit more exotic. Here’s a clip you may remember from American Flyers, where Kevin Costner invites ‘Eddie’ along for sprint training.  

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