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Selfish cyclist blasted for taking up THREE seats on busy train for his bike

Facebook users outraged at passengers forced to stand by sleepy cyclist

A selfish cyclist on a busy late night train who decided to give his precious set of wheels two seats to themselves has sparked a Facebook outrage for refusing to let others sit.

The man was photographed looking half asleep, with the caption “Don't mind me, I'll stand” by Becky Curtin.

She said that she and her husband and several others were unable to get a seat n the South West Trains service from London Vauxhall to Ashstead at around 10.45pm on Thursday.

Users on Facebook were horrified at the man’s actions.

Jay Cunningham-Pearce wrote: “Please tell me someone said something to him. I can't go to bed knowing he’s still out there thinking this is normal or acceptable.”

“This has angered me greatly,” said another user, Matt Devine, while Ant Ludlow said: “That’s the kind of thing that would have made me have a 'Falling Down' moment.”

Back in 2008, there was a backlash against the growing popularity of folding bikes on trains - despite them not even taking up a seat.

The BBC reported how James Waller of Evans Cycles had to advise passengers on the best way to use them to sure it didn’t cramp another cyclist

"Yes, you should try to protect the environment, but you should be sensitive to others," he says. "If putting your bike on the train obstructs other people's standing space, it doesn't fulfil any ecological criteria,” he said

City-workerNick Hester. said: ”For years we had a long standing thing about a little guy who we called 'cyclo git’.

”He had a row just about every day - the classic 'get his bike out of the boot at Sevenoaks station' man."

"They're so arrogant with their 'let me through, I'm a cyclist' attitude. The trains are crowded enough, they should be banned during rush hour."

"The most annoying of the lot is the people who build their bike just as everyone gets up to get off," adds Tom. "There's a perfectly large station - why do it on the train?"

One commenter at the time, Matt Whitby said: “You should have to buy a ticket for a bike,” while another, Naythan, said: “My folding bike is smaller than the majority of bags, briefcases and suitcases that almost all commuters carry. Overcrowding is the issue.”

An anonymous commenter said: “The worst example of a selfish cyclist I've seen was on a rush-hour train. The bike's owner had decided to create their own bike parking space by locking their bike in front of three folding seats.

“Folding seats are designed to fold-away when not in use to allow easy access down the train's corridors. Not only did this bike prevent the use of three of the train's seats, it also blocked the corridor in the process.”

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