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The 6 coolest accessories we've spotted this week

Including a head up display, the most compact bike carrier in the world, and a super-near multitool

We've been out and about at bike trade shows this week and here are six of the most interesting new accessories that we've seen.


SeaSucker Hornet bike mount

We already reviewed the SeaSucker Talon bike mount for carrying your bike on the roof of your car, and concluded that it was excellent; now the brand has a new model called the Hornet for carrying your bike on hatchbacks and SUVs.

Seasucker hornet - in use.jpg

The SeaSucker design uses suction cups that attach to your car. You put them in place, pump the air out via a little button, and the vacuum holds them in place. It’s a system that works really well. 

The Hornet is a new design with two suction cups that fit to the back window of a hatchback. These hold the bike upright by the handlebar, wheels pointing backwards and saddle resting against the back of the car. Straps stop the hanging bike from moving around.

Seasucker hornet.jpg

The whole system lives in its own little bag that’s small enough to fit into the car’s glovebox. 

The RRP is £159.99.


Fabric Chamber multitool

We really like the look of the Chamber multitool from saddle specialist Fabric, largely because it’s super neat. We first showed you this last summer, and it’s now available. 

Fabric Chamber tool.jpg

Chamber is a little aluminium canister that contains six double-ended bits that you can fit to the stainless steel head. Once you have one of these in place, the body of the canister itself acts as the handle for the tool as you do your fettling. 

Fabric Chamber tool 2.jpg

You get 13 different functions (2mm hex, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, SL3, SL5, PH1, PH2, T10, T25) covering most bolts that are likely to need adjusting while you’re out and about.  

Two different versions of the Chamber are available, one with a fixed head (£29.99) and one with a reversible ratchet (£34.99).


Hiplok FLX lock

Hiplok is about to launch a new pit stop lock called the FLX. It’s a combination lock with a 90cm retractable cable that you can use to attach your bike to an immovable object if you stop for a mid-ride coffee. 

Hiplok pit stop lock - cable.jpg

This isn’t one of Hiplok’s highest security devices, the idea is just to deter an opportunist thief from jumping on your bike and riding off while your back is turned. Hiplok claims that the FLX is just 100g so it’s hardly going to weigh you  down.

Hiplok pit stop lock - combination lock.jpg

One other neat feature is that the FLX has its own little LED. It hooks over the top of a jersey rear pocket to help get you noticed as you ride.

Hiplok pit stop lock.jpg

The FLX isn’t out just yet but we do know that it’ll be priced at £29.99 


Cannondale Airport Carry-on Pump

Cannondale has a nifty floor pump that you can fold flat. Both the handle and the base fold in/out. It’s really intended for taking in your hand luggage when you fly, although the design might be handy for any other situation where you want to take up as little space as possible.

Cannondale Airport Carry-on Pump.jpg

The barrel and handle are both alloy while the lever-less EZ Head works on both Presta and Schrader valves.

Cannondale Airport Carry-on Pump - rotating head.jpg

Cannondale reckons that the pump offers 160psi although we’ve not tried it out yet. We’ll try to get one in for review here on

Price? £39.99, and available now.


Feedback Ominium Trainer

Feedback Sports Omnium roller.jpg

Feedback’s Omnium Trainer will be available soon. It’s an unusual design in that you take your front wheel out and mount your bike’s forks on a tripod stand. 

Feedback Sports Omnium roller - follers.jpg

Your rear wheel runs on two aluminium drums that offer progressive magnetic resistance.   

Feedback Sports Omnium roller - fork clamp.jpg

The Omnium weighs 6.21kg and measures just 66cm x 18cm x 20cm folded down (manufacturer’s figures). 

We don’t yet have a UK price.


4iiii Sportiiii head up display

The Sportiiii is a head up display from Canada’s 4iiii that you can add to your existing eyewear to help you stay within your chosen training/racing zones.

4iii Spotiiiis - on glasses.jpg

You can position the device where you like thanks to a universal mount that fits to the right arm of your glasses and what 4iiii calls a ‘flexible boom’ – the visual section that bends around the front.

The idea is that you sync the Sportiiii with other ANT+ devices and use the 4iiii app to preset your target zones. Those zones could be based on your heart rate, power, cadence or speed/pace, depending on what you have connected. 

A series of multi-coloured LEDs, along with verbal prompts, help you stay within your target zones. A green light tells you that you’re currently within your chosen zone, other lights tell you whether you’re above or below, and by how far.

4iii Spotiiiis - app.jpg

4iiii says that the Sportiiii’s battery lasts up to 17hrs between charges and that it weighs less than 10g. It records your workout data in .FIT format for uploading and analysis later.

Do you need this when you could just mount a small ANT+ head unit on the handlebars? Maybe not, but it’s interesting tech and something else that we’ll try to get in for review.


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