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Videos: Velodromes, wheelies, steep hills & the best of 2015

Check out some Sixdays Bremen velodrome madness, a 'unicycling' Brummie, CX fun + Red Bull in 2015...

How much work ever really gets done on a Friday afternoon? Here at our procrastination muscles are getting a good work out, we're practicing our beer drinking stance, and planning our #mycyclingweekend rides.

What are you doing? Well, other than tucking in to the best collection of cycling videos anywhere on the internet?

Once you've had your fill, why not tell us how you're planning on spending the rest of your weekend via a tweet, or Instagram photo with the #mycyclingweekend hashtag attached?

In the meantime tuck into some velodrome action from Germany, video tours of Campagnolo's factory and a significantly smaller but more personal affair in Brighton, a wheelie-ing Bummie, some cyclocross madness, and Red Bull's best bits from 2015.


Intense POV velodrome action



Some amazing POV video from Sixdays Bremen

Posted by TwoWheelsBetter on Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Sixdays Bremen: a festival of cycling and partying. If you're still standing after a day of high octane elite velodrome action, you may not be after the notorious early-hours parties that are thrown in between the days of action. 

If you've not heard of it, why not check it out next year with 120,000 other spectators it tends to draw in.

As you can see from the video above, things can get pretty intense in the north German city during the festival.


Cyclists and longboarders share a stunning descent

SHARE THE ROAD. from STINNER Frameworks on Vimeo.

We hear calls for drivers to share the roads with cyclists all the time. Countless campaigns for on-road cooperation; true road-wide peace is still a pipe dream for many.

Not these guys. Sure, there are no cars involved, but this glimpse into a symbiotic relationship between a pair of longboarders and cyclists sharing an absolutely stunning descent is something to be admired.

The blurb on the video suggests this was shot in Santa Barbra, California. The beautiful vistas we get a peek at while the foresome zip down the hill would indicate that that suggestions is correct.


An inside look at Campagnolo's factory

How are manufacturers like Campagnolo, Shimano, and Mavic able to consistently pump out the quantity and quality of bike bits that they do?

Well, with incredibly well equiped factories like Campagnolo's, which you can have a look around in the video above. 

Who knew Campag had been on the moon too? Do you reckon any other bike bit manufacturers have that claim to fame?


An inside look at Brighton bike workshop

Frame By Frame from gavin peacock on Vimeo.

On a slightly smaller scale to the unbelievable levels of production going on over in Italy with Campagnolo, check out this little workshop in Brighton that produces some stunning custom frames.

Reilly Cycleworks is the name, and we've reviewed some of their gear here on

Back in July we took the Reilly T325 titanium road bike out for a spin. Here's what we though:

- Read more:'s first ride on the Reilly T325 

If you want to see what more Reilly Cycleworks have to offer, head on over to their website.


A Brummie cyclist is missing a wheel



This guy cracks us up. Yet another banger!

Posted by EXTREME on Monday, 21 September 2015

How would you fare without a front wheel?

Every single one of us here at would be helpless - not this fellar though.

According to one Facebook user to comment on this video, the 'unicycling' legend is a "nice guy" and "owns 9 different bikes but [the one he's on in the video] is his favourite."



Shredding a downhill trail on a CX bike

We love a bit of cyclocross action here at, but the videos we usually find featuring cyclocross bikes don't usually include trails as hardcore as this.

Here's Enduro rider Yoann Barelli taking a Giant TCV Advanced Cyclocross bike onto trails you'd usually expect to only find suspension-heavy mountain bikes flying down.

Fair play to the man.


Amateur Guinness CX race - from 1986!

If you wouldn't mind taking a step back in time with us to 1986, we'll check out some slightly more sensible cyclocross riding.

Yep, this is the Guinness Cycle Cross race in a frozen Phoenix Park in Dublin. The nostalgic riders amongst you will revel in the attention one rider gives to his handy handlebar-end gear shifters.


Sweet Morning Light - MTB in Utah

We're not ones to shirk away from a beautifully shot moutainbike edit when we see one.

As far as we're concerned, if it's got a machine with two wheels and pedals doing something cool, we'll watch it.

If you don't know, Treck have a team of creative mountain bikers doing cool stuff in cool places called the C3 Project.

Cam McCaul is a member of that team, and here he is doing cool stuff in Utah.


Red Bull's 2015 mega edit - all the best bits

Finally, how many of these top moments of 2015 do you remember.

They all came your way courtesy of Red Bull.

Some year, wasn't it?



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