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Cycling deals & January sales with Cycle Surgery

A Cube Litening, Exposure Diablo light, a pair of Zipp 303 wheels and a Specialized RBX winter jersey feature

The January sales are starting a little earlier than normal over at Cycle Surgery this year. While we're still sitting pretty in December 2015, the deal doctors are busy slicing up their retail prices.

So, perhaps it's time to splash some of that Christmas cash, and grab yourself a bargain while the deals are still fresh.

The first price cut comes in the way of a Cube Litening, which we loved when we tested it in September - a 9/10 from ain't nothing to scoff at!

Following that Cycle Surgery are offering a set of Zipp 303 Firecrest wheels, a Specialized RBX Winter Jacket, a Camelbak Charge 10 litre backpack, and an Exposure Diablo Mk7 front light.

Happy New Year, and happy shopping.


28% off Cube Litening C68 Pro Blackline
WAS £2499.00 | NOW £1799.00

Cube Litening.jpg

First up is the Cube Litening C68 Pro Blackline bike.

We reviewed it in September, and gave it a stellar 9/10 - well our esteemed reviewer Ed Mason did.

He said that the bike is a "surefooted, stable, race-oriented machine that shines."

High praise indeed. You can read his full review below:

- Read more -'s Cube Litening review


27% off Zipp 303 Firecrest Wheelset
WAS £2070.00 | NOW £1499.00


Zipp introduced the 303 to their Firecrest range back in 2011, and they've been firm favourites in the pro peloton ever since.

These carbon clincher wheels, with Zipp's special Firecrest shaping, which is U-shaped and much wider than you'd expect from standard V-shaped aero wheels. This treats the spoke bed as a second leading edge of the wheel, rather than simply the trailing edge of the outer rim.

At 27% off these are quite the bargain, and could help make 2016 even more aero than 2015 was.


50% off Specialized RBX Sport Winter Partial Jacket
WAS £99.99 | NOW £50.00

Specialized RBX Sport Jacket.jpg

We've been very lucky with the weather during the back-end of 2015. Here at we doubt that luck will continue far into 2016.

So, why not prepare yourself?

This jacket from Specialized will keep you protected from both the winter wet and the winter cold. The outer wind and water repellent fabric does a good job at repelling the cold as well as soggy stuff.


40% off Camelbak Charge 10 LR
WAS £84.99 | NOW £50.99

Camelbak Charge.jpg

Hydration might not feel as important in the winter months as it does in the summer, but it absolutely vital in your longevity on big rides, and your recovery afterwards.

To help you stay hydrated in 2016 Cycle Surgery have sliced an enormous 40% off their range of Camelbak Charge 10L backpacks.


10% off Exposure Diablo Mk7 Light
WAS £199.99 | NOW £179.00

Exposure Diablo Mk7.jpg

If you reckon 2016 might need a little more illumination than your world saw in 2015, grab Exposure's head-topping illuminator.

We reviewed the Diablo Mk3 all the way back in 2011, and in those four years, the Diablo has seen plenty of improvements.

It's bright and packs a number of functionality features that make it perfect for riding in the dark.

No need to fiddle with buttons to select mode, Exposure's TAP system means that all you have to do to change the way the light works is to tap the unit with your finger.

- Click here to read our review of the Exposure Diablo Mk3

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