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Video round-up: Santa cycles, Watts Zap 2015, + crashes

Watts Zap's top 2015 moments, cycle faster with Robert Forstemann, ride Georgia's mountains & cargo bike racing...

If your new years resolution is to ride a bit faster, Robert Forstemann might be able to give some work-out tips at the bottom of this round-up.

Before then, though, we've got a video round-up to get you in to a festive mood - starting with a couple of French blokes creating one of the most festive bikes we've ever seen and everyone's favourite cycling highlights package Watts Zapp and their look back on 2015's best moments.

Then there's a stunning documentary of a cycling trip across Caucasus mountains in Georgia, some East Coast Cargo Bike racing, an incredibly reckless overtake attempt on British roads,  and finishing with the aforementioned muscle-tastic work-out video with Mr. Forstemann.





Santa's tree bike


If Santa were real, and a cyclist, this is the sort of bike we imagine he'd be riding.

These French fellas got themselves a tree, a tall bike, and took Paris by storm. Do you reckon you could do a better job at a Santa bike?


Watts Zap - 2015's best bits

We love Watts Zapp here at If the little bite-sized You've Been Framed-esque Eurosport advert break tasters were it, we'd still love the Zapp.

But no, every year they come in with a big highlight reel of delightfully soundtracked clips.

Enjoy the best bits from the world of cycling in 2015.


The Trail to Kazbegi

The Trail To Kazbegi from Joey Schusler on Vimeo.

Editor of Bike magazine Brice Minnigh used to be a war reporter in Georgia back in the 90s. At the start of this documentary you'll hear his voice telling you about how, back then, he was struck by the beauty and ruthlessness of the Caucasus mountains, and how he'd dreamt of exploring them.

This doc is that journey of exploration, 20 years and a couple of wars later, now that Georgia is somewhat more approachable for tourists.


Cargo Bike Racing

Cargo bikes aren't known for their speed or agility. They're not designed to be race machines. That's not stopping these East Coast Americans from doing just that, and racing them, fully loaded.

Expect spilled loads.


Impatient driver's mental overtake attempt(s)

No video round-up would be complete without a bit of bad driving to gawk at.

This impatient driver tries to overtake into oncoming traffic, into no space, just before a read light.

Stupid, inconsiderate, or a bully? What do you think?


Robert Forstemann's workout routine

Finally, if you're planning on undertaking a new work-out regime in the new year, here's some food for thought.

Of course, we're not sure there's anyone else in the entire world that could match the monster that is Robert Forstemann in a squat-and-cycle-off, but at least you'll get an idea of what it takes to go quicker on two wheels.

A lot quicker.


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