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Video: taxi driver deliberately runs cyclist off the road

Taxi driver gets £700 fine and six license points for deliberately knocking a cyclist off the road with his wing mirror after two close passes

A taxi driver has apparently been fined £700 and received six license points after deliberately knocking a helmet cam cyclist over with his wing mirror.

The cyclist, who posts online as Traffic Droid and Son of the Winds, was riding along with several prominent cameras on his helmet and bike, when a taxi driver approached from behind sounding his horn, before making two close overtakes before hitting the breaks, the second manoeuvre knocking the cyclist to the ground with the off-side wing mirror.

Son of the Winds' multiple cameras record the collision, which took place last year, from several viewpoints including from a GoPro mounted on a long arm to the front of his bike facing backwards.  

In captions towards the end of the video, Son of the Winds says the incident occurred about a year ago.

"I waited 3 months after the attempted assault [for] a decision to prosecute," he said.

"it was decided that it would be best for the driver to undergo [a] Driver Safety course offered by 

the police.

"The taxi driver refused to attend. The police called to advise they will now press charges of driving without due care.

"A hearing followed where the driver pleaded not guilty.

"9 months later I attended court for trial as a witness.

"The driver foolishly defended himself - and the verdict?


"He received 6 points on his licence and £700 in fines and court costs."

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