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Fantastic cycling deals on bicycles and frames

The DealCatcher's got his mitts on a Cinelli frameset, a bargain Boardman & a Raleigh Revenio...

The DealCatcher's got some incredible deals for you today. Bikes, and bikes, and frames. Cinelli, Raleigh, and Boardman to be precise, all discounted fantastically by Vanilla Bikes, Chain Reaction Cycles, and Halfords.

First up is Vanilla Bikes' offering of a Cinelli Experience Frameset, which has had a massive 43% of its RRP discounted. The 1400g aluminium frame is an incredible deal at under £300.

Next up is Chain Reaction Cycles' deal. A Raleigh Revenio 3 at a fabulous 36% off. Another aluminium frame, and another fantastic deal for £574.99.

Finally, Halfords are making a week of the Cyber Monday deals, and are including their excellently rated Boardman CX Comp bike in the reductions. This one's seen a quarter of its asking price cut away, leaving you with a great cyclocross option for a great price.



Vanilla Bikes

43% off Cinelli Experience Frame
WAS £529.99 | NOW £299.99

Cinelli Experience Frameset.jpg

This Cinelli frameset is made from world renowned Colombus Airplane aluminium - so you can rest assured that you're not settling for some discounted knock-off if you're planning on grabbing this frameset while its cheap.

At 1400g the frame's light, gives minimal flex, and the carbon-bladed forks and aluminum steerer will help keep your handling sharp and certainly contribute to the frame's low weight.

As we stated before, £300 is an absolute bargain for a frame of this quality.



Chain Reaction Cycles

36% off Raleigh Revenio 3
WAS £899.99 | NOW £574.99

Raleigh Revenio 3.png

This beauty is Raleigh's answer to the midrange endurance market surge. Long days in the saddle will be a breeze aboard this machine.

Sporting Shimano's midrange 105 groupset, a carbon fork, a tapered head tube and geometry that's been improved for comfort, the Revenio 3 ticks plenty of boxes for the rider who wants to ride fast and long.




25% off Boardman CX Comp
WAS £599.99 | NOW £449.99

Boardman CX Comp.jpg

Finally, get your mitts on a discounted Boardman cyclocross bike from the guys over at Halfords.

They've taken Cyber Monday as seriously as everyone else took Black Friday, so they've got a whole host more deals to offer you.

This is one of many bikes available, take a look if you're interested by clicking here.


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