#mycyclingweekend - What did you buy this Black Friday?

Share your winnings with us, then show us where you've ridden!...

So, you survived the sales. You made it out unscathed. In your hands - or in your post box - lay the fruits of your labour.

What have you got? Is it a new jersey? Maybe it's a new cycling computer? How about a new helmet, jacket, saddle, or pair of bibshorts?

Show us what you bought, go on, we're really curious! Was it the biggest bargain you've seen this year?

Why did you buy it?

Right. Enough. No more questions. The interrogation is over.

Go out. Enjoy your new toys. Take your new wheels for a spin. But make sure you take a photo while you're out there. And make sure you send it back to us via the #mycyclingweekend hashtag!

What's that? You haven't bought anything in the sales?

Well, if you've got the money you certainly don't have an excuse. Click on the link below for our full guide to the Black Friday cycling sales - and once you're done report back to us here . We want to know what you bought!

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To be honest, all we really want are photos of you lot out there enjoying yourselves - whether that's with some sparkling new cycling kit or not.

So, send us a photo on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with the #mycyclingweekend hashtag in the caption, and we'll choose our favourites on Monday morning.

Have a great weekend riding, and buying, and we look forward to seeing all of your photos!

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