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Videos: Chicago woman: "I am a bike" + crashes & standoffs

Ever tried to hitch a free bus ride by claiming you're a bike? + crashes, & more in the video round-up...

The cycling video round-up is back, and this week's a weird one. That is if the first video on the list is anything to go by.

We start the fun in Chicago as a woman tries to ride the bus for free. That's the least of the conductor's problems though, as the woman in question has a particularly strange method of trying to blag a free ride. Spoiler: she leads with the excuse "I'm a bike."

Then we've got some CCTV footage showing a tired, drunk, or seriously distracted cyclist miscalculating a corner and flying head first into a parked car. That's followed by an on-road altercation featuring a cyclist who takes taking the lane to inspiring levels.

The last three videos feature some incredible world champion synchronised cycling, a why-you-should-commute-by-bike video from Spain, and an inspirational video about how Alaskans handle their commute in sub-zero conditions.

Wave goodbye to those cold weather excuses.


"I'm a bike" says Chicago woman sitting on bus bike rack

Getting a bus in Chicago is as straightforward as getting a bus in most other cities, we imagine. This particular Chicagoan has made a bit of a meal of it, it seems.

The lady who's causing all the trouble is either totally committed to not paying for a bus fair, totally unaware of the accepted common vernacular and connotations that come alongside being called a bike, or she has totally lost here mind.

We're open to suggestion.


Cyclist flies headfirst into a parked car's windscreen

Now, cycling home from the pub is a practice that is largely frowned upon, but also widely practiced.

We're not sure whether this fella is cycling home from the pub, or whether he's just lost control of his bike, hit a patch of ice, or has been distracted by something.

Either way, that's a painful impact and we hope he's okay.



Cyclist with right of way  vs. ignorant driver

Taking the lane. That's the advice you'll be given time and time again when looking for tips on cycling in cities.

This cyclist has done that, and then some.

The driver is clearly in the wrong, and perhaps should take this cyclist's advice and pick up the highway code.

We're split here in the office. Would you have the strength of will to pull off this sort of on-road resilience? 


UCI Indoor Cycling world champions - on board

The world championships for indoor cycling - the cycling version of synchronised swimming - take place tomorrow in Malaysia.

The current female world champions are German, and go by the name 4er Kunstrad Sirnach. Here's a video they released before they jetted off to defend their title.

This one's special because one of the girls is equipped with a GoPro, so you too can see what it's like to ride in formation. Not sure many of us will be giving it a go any time soon though. Scary.


Why commuting by car is awful... in Spain

We're not alone in the battle to get people cycling. The Spanish are trying to get more people to abandon their cars and take to the streets by bicycle.

This month Madrid trialed banning roadside parking during working hours to try and cut down on inner city vehicle traffic and air pollution - which was successful to some extent.

The Spanish government have also issued this advert which is something of a call to commute by bike.


Commuting in an Alaskan winter

Finally. It's time to let go of those excuses. The British winter, which if we're being honest hasn't really even set in yet, is nothing compared to what they've got to deal with up in Alaska.

So, if this young lady can cycle to school in the dark every morning, you can certainly get out for a ride every #mycyclingweekend.

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steve1605 | 8 years ago
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The "German girls" aren't even German. Sirnach, where they're from, is in Switzerland. 

StraelGuy | 8 years ago

I think I finally see the point of those ridiculous 'fat' bikes!

philtregear | 8 years ago

the german girls doing the bike dancing are amazing. so much more fun to watch than swimmers ( who i guess are pretty skilful too)

Kapelmuur | 8 years ago
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Where's the video of Ellie's dad eating soup?

Mungecrundle | 8 years ago
1 like

Personally I don't think I'd bother pushing that particular right of priority issue, especially around a rapid response paramedic car. An ambulance on blue lights could be turning up any second and they really don't need you in their way.

LarryDavidJr | 8 years ago

Priority, not "Right of way".  Very improtant difference!

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