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Great cycling deals on Pinarello & Bontrager + 68% off bundle

A puncture repair kit, pump, & chain cleaner feature in a £5.99 bundle + 31% off a Pinarello & a 1/2 price jersey

Today's DealCatcher is being brought to you from the deal dungeons of Halfords, Cycle Surgery, and

From each of those locations the DealCatcher has uncovered an incredible cycling deal. 

Starting with Halford's deep bargain basement, the DealCatcher discovered that the Pinarello Razha had seen a 31% discount.

Cycle Surgery's deal labs were up next, and a 50% discount on a Bontrager RXXXL cycling jersey followed.

Finally,'s labyrinth of savings conjured up a bumper bundle containing a puncture repair kit, chain cleaner tool, and micro pump for the unbelievable price of £5.99.



31% off Pinarello Razha Road Bike
WAS £1899.00 | NOW £1300.00

Pinarello Razha.jpg

Performance, performance, performance; that's what you're gunna get when you invest in a Pinarello. At least, that's what they'll have you believe.

This little number, the Razha, which has been heavily discounted over at Halfords, is Pinarello's entry level carbon road bike. They are, however, very quick to remind you that entry level doesn't mean basic. They say that this is far from a basic bike.

We're inclined to believe them.

They say that there is a significant trickle down effect going on from their high end performance bikes to their entry level units in regards to geometry, design, and tech. So, Pinarello are quick to announce that the Razha offers snappy acceleration, fantastic ride quality, and excellent handling.

This baby runs a mix of Shimano's Tiagra and 105 groupsets, features a full carbon frame, and hosts Shimano hubs.

We recently had a play with a race-ready Pinarello - specifically the much talked about suspension-featuring Dogma KS 8-S. You can click the link below to see how we found it:

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Cycle Surgery

50% off Bontrager RXXXL Short Sleeved Jersey
WAS £119.99 | NOW £59.99

bontrager rxxxl jersey.jpg

We like Bontrager jerseys here at We reviewed the Bontrager RXXXL's slightly less X-ey brother, the RL jersey earlier this year, and we gave it an 8/10.

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Not only is the RXXXL packed with way more X's, it's got a whole lot more going on in the way of features too.

The fit is professional. You won't lose any points in the wind tunnel with this guy on your back, and you wouldn't look out of place in the pro peloton either.

The jersey is made from Profila Dry Fabric, which will help wick moisture away from your skin. That Profila stuff is also packed with UV Sunstop technology which reflects the sunlight, keeping your temperature down and keeping you fresh.




68% off 3-piece Puncture Repair/Pump/Chain Cleaner Bundle
WAS £19.00 | NOW £5.99

3-piece value bundle.gif

Finally, a bargain of a bundle here from BuyaBike.

Let's start from the top. The pump: straight from pump specialists Beto, this fella will fit both Presta and Schrader valves. It also comes with a clip so you can take it with you on your frame. It's also small enough to fit in a bag. So, that's a win.

The chain cleaning tool is a vital bit of kit at this time of year. This one works like almost all of the others, but if you need a how-to, we've got one of those for you. Follow the link below.

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Finally, the puncture repair kit speaks for itself. It repairs punctures.

Again, if you need a hand with fixing a puncture, check out our how-to on fixing a puncture.

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