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Socks, socks, socks! - Here are your #mycyclingweekend socks

We asked for socks, and you delivered. Here are our favourites!

We love socks here at 

They've managed to get a bad reputation as a cop-out gift. But we've been racking our brains trying to remember a time when we've received socks as a present and felt anything other than gratitude.

You can never have too many socks, especially when you're a cyclist. We genuinely believe that. Seriously. Check out our socky Christmas gift guide if you don't believe us.

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It appears plenty of you share our sentiments when it comes to socks, because we received quite a few photos over the weekend of you lot showing your footwear off.

Here are a few of our favourite #mycyclingweekend entries, and our top sock-soaking #mycyclingweekend moment from Gavin Butler.



Summer socks on autumn beach #outsideisfree #mycyclingweekend #sockdoping

A photo posted by Christof Damian (@christofdamian) on




and the #sockdoping with @_mikebarrett continues

A photo posted by Charli Hoffmann (@charlih) on










#mycyclingweekend #sundaysail #cavandishgotnothingonme

A video posted by Gavin Butler (@gbphotofilm) on


We appreciate Gavin's commitment to the cause, and his ability to out-cycle Mark Cavendish - if only the Cycling World Championships were an amphibious event, eh?

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But, this #mycyclingweekend winner, for his ability to find a beach and make it look like July in November, as well as his stunningly yellow socks, is Christof Damian.

We should be in touch with you via Instagram Christof, so you can claim your prize.

If you've still got some footwear to show off, do it in the comments section, or fire us over a photo on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with the #mycyclingweekend hashtag clear for the world to see.

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