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Great cycling deals: 55% off a Ted Baker cycling shirt + more

Grab a designer shirt for a bargain price + massive savings on a Jamis road bike & a Zefal track pump

If cycling was simply about feeling great, loads of us would be out of a job. Fortunately for us, and for you, human beings like to look good while we're doing what we're doing.

If you're one of those who likes to look the part when you're sailing through city streets, or slogging your way over the top of mountains, this is the DealCatcher for you.

We start the day's bargains with something new for the DealCatcher; a designer shirt.

The Ted Baker cycling shirt that features in today's DealCatcher has seen a massive 55% reduction in price. We've reviewed one of these before, and you'll be able to read that review further down the page. Without spoiling it for you, we liked it. And you might like this one.

After that Evans have cut the price of their Jamis Ventura Comp range, and Decathlon are offering the highly rated Zefal Profil for a third off of their original asking price.



55% off Ted Baker Linkgee Long Sleeved Shirt
WAS £95.90 | NOW £42.75


You're not always preparing for a winter ride, the heavens aren't always open, and the roads aren't always muddy.

Sometimes you're just popping into the office, or to a friends house, or into town for a bite to eat, and your usual cycling attire simply isn't appropriate.

The Linkgee cycling shirt is just the thing to fill that gap in your wardrobe. Not only does it feature specialised cycling design features like stretchy fabric, under arm fabric vents, and extra long sleeves, it's got loads of great cycling-specific touches - like a chain pattern across the shirt, and spoke patterns on the buttons - that make the shirt extra cycley (yep, that's a word). 

If you doubt Ted Baker's cycling credentials, don't. We reviewed another of their cycling shirts last year, and our man Oli Pendrey rated it very highly.

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Evans Cycles

30% off Jamis Ventura Comp 2015 Road Bike
WAS £700.00 | NOW £490.00


Jamis have had a stellar year. They wrung a rare 10/10 from the review team with their Renegade Elite adventure bike.

- Read more:'s Jamis Renegade Elite review 10/10


Another of their 2015 models, albeit a road bike, has seen an equally stellar price cut over at Evans Cycles.

Dipping below the £500 mark following its 30% discount, the Jamis Ventura Comp offers fantastic value for that excellent price tag.

The aluminium double-butted frame has a compact sloping geometry to help you stay comfortable while you're riding. The shifters are Shimano Sora, and the Wheels are Alex AT 470 rims, which are tubeless compatible, if that's how you like to roll.




35% off Zéfal Profil Max FP 30 Floor Pump
WAS £19.99 | NOW £12.99

Zefal Profil Max FP 30.jpg

Finally, stop using your travel pump at home. Really stop it. There's a much easier way, and right now it's much cheaper than usual.

Zefal make great pumps. We know that, we've reviewed enough of them.

Take the Profil Max FP 50 which is the model up from this one. We gave it a very respectible 8/10 when we reviewed it.

- Read more:'s Zefal Profil Max FP 50


So if that pumps younger brother has anything to say for itself, you'll be getting an incredible deal for the small price of £12.99.


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