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Mud and "character building" rides - #mycyclingweekend

Here's how you're dealing with the changing weather, both before and after your wintery rides...

If there's one thing that we've taken from the photos you sent to us this #mycyclingweekend, it's that you're getting muddy. Very muddy.

The first few photos that we're sharing with you now are evidence of a couple of things. First is that cyclocross has made some serious strides into the mainstream this winter. The second is that there's no correlation between the deteriorating weather and #mycyclingweekend participation.

You're still heading out to ride in your hundreds, and you're still sharing your much muddier photos with us. Here are a couple of our favourites:

Before we have a look at Benedict Campbell and Bruce Dalton who got very, very muddy, we'll just touch upon Chris Rayment's #mycyclingweekend contribution.

Rayment is a road cyclist who's just got his hands on a Cannondale CAADX. He's included a little write-up about why he loved his ride this #mycyclingweekend.

- Read more -'s Cannondale CAADX review


If you don't currently own a cyclocross bike, this might jeopordise the health of your bank balance:



I can see why people CX now. My first ride out on my brand spanking new CAADX and man it was graft! Hit everything muddy back track I could find through ditches puddles and mud, got lost, got found (by a dog walker), my average speed was half of what I hit on the road and you know what, I could not care less. Come rain or shine now, there is no excuse not to be out riding! #Roadcycling #roadcycling #cyclingphotos #cycling #cyclinglife #cyclingpics #cyclingpictures #cyclingblog #cyclingblogger #cyclingtour #cyclingporn #lifeontwowheels #bikelife #instacycling #bikelovers #exploring #cannondale #garmin #mycyclingweekend #strava #stravaproveit #stravacycling #training #lovetoride #roadie #lbloggers #malebloggers #maleblog #cyclocross #malebloggers

A photo posted by Chris Rayment (@beersbikesandbistro) on






But this time of year isn't only about mud. The weather changes a lot about how we ride, and so on Friday we asked you how your pre-ride prep and post-ride clean-up have changed.

You came back with all sorts of answers. Mostly they centred around your choice of breakfast, like Jenny Ondioline's porridge-filled pan, as well as your hometime habits.

Below are Jenny's photos as well as Sam Shaw's post-ride sink full of kit.



You were all also very keen to show us how the roads you're so used to riding have changed.

We say roads, but as Ryan Trowbridge pointed out, it can be difficult to work out whether or not you're riding on a road or a track sometimes.





So, it's a shame when the weather's as clear as it was over the weekend that you have to spend so much time checking the surface for obstacles, because some of the views are absolutely stunning.

Here are a few of our favourites:



winter is coming ... no hiding #hardennes #ardennesaddict #outsideisfree #mycyclingweekend #ridemorebikes #ridemore

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#mycyclingweekend #buckmtn #10700ft #iamspecialized

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Finally, now the paths and roads are that little more treaturous, dismounting and hobbling around on your cleats is even more of a risk. We think Paul Cooms nails it with this little clip:



It's not too late to get involved. Fire your photos over to us via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with '#mycyclingweekend' in the caption.

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