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Bike shop allegedly offering "spouse receipt"

According to one Twitter user a small bike shop is offering to doctor receipts to take home to spouses with new purchases

A bike shop is allegedly offering spouse receipts so that cycling addicts can show their other halves they paid less for the latest bike or accessory than they actually did.

In what is being described as a "genius" bit of salesmanship the service would allow customers to change the price of a purchase on the receipt and, if true, would add a new level of subterfuge to spousal cycle spending transparency.

Suggestion what's on offer is a "wife receipt" have, unsurprisingly, been met with derision on Twitter, women rightly pointing out keen female cyclists are as likely to splurge on expensive bikes and kit as men.

Is this a good idea, though, or just the road to a rocky relationship? Tell us what you think.

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