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Australia to allow cyclists to ride standing up - at last

Arcane law, which says cyclists must only ride seated, could be swept away as part of road rules modernisation

Who knew: Australia, arguably the world's least cycle-friendly country, is proposing to repeal a law in FAVOUR of cyclists.

The little-known (at least from this side of the planet) Rule 245, that requires cyclists to be seated at all times while riding, could be changed along with a string of amendments to Australian Road Rules. Other proposed changes include allowing cyclists to go through red and yellow traffic lights if a green bike light is displayed, and allowing those with medical conditions to ride on pavements.

Of course Australia doesn't have the monopoly on silly, surprising, or just downright awful rules against cycling:

  • In California no-one is allowed to ride a bike in a swimming pool
  • In Germany you can lose the right to operate any non-licensed mode of transport (including a skateboard) if found drunk in charge of a bicycle
  • In Yangon, the capital of Myanmar, cycling is banned altogether, since 2003 when police announced certain "busy roads" were closed to bicycles. As such, most of the city centre is out of bounds for bike travel.
  • In Saudi Arabia, hands down the most disturbing law is the one that dictates women aren't allowed to ride bikes or operate vehicles on the road. A woman can only legally cycle in a park, wearing a burka, with a male chaperone.

Know any strange, obscure rules against cycling? Please add them in the comments section, below.

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