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Newlyweds photobombed by naked cyclists

Couple were having pictures taken when Philadelphia Naked Bike Ride went past

Blair Delson and Ross Cohen were posing for their wedding day photos in Philadelphia on Saturday, August 29, when they were surprised to see over 3,000 naked cyclists come round the corner. US Weekly reports that rather than wait for them to pass by, the couple made the most of the opportunity.

The couple were in Dilworth Plaza, next to City Hall, when they heard the cyclists approaching.

"We saw them, and I sprinted in my heels and my wedding gown and decided to get in on the action,” said Delson. “We thought it was hilarious."

The cyclists were taking part in the annual Philly Naked Bike Ride, during which people ride naked to promote fuel conscious consumption, positive body image and cycling advocacy.

As the couple posed for pics, they high-fived the nude cyclists, many of whom cheered them as they rode past. The photos ‘captured the moment perfectly,' said Cohen. “When it's your day, just love life and embrace the moment,” he added.

Joseph Gidjunis, the couple’s photographer said. "I'm so grateful Blair and Ross embraced their adventurous spirit." He added that the couple were joking about how exactly they would explain the pictures to their kids.

World Naked Bike Ride events are also held in the UK, but typically on a smaller scale than the event in Philadelphia. Around 250 people attended Manchester’s ninth annual ride, while the Canterbury leg lost one participant early on after he was told to put his trousers on and leave after getting “overexcited.”

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PhillBrown | 8 years ago

As amusing the picture is that you have used... the actual ones are even funnier:

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