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Can Speedplay’s new Zero Aero Pedals help you go faster?

Speedplay unveils new dimpled aerodynamic pedals and cleats, as used by Sir Bradley Wiggins

Speedplay, makers of the unique lollipop shaped clipless pedals favoured by Sir Bradley Wiggins, has unveiled its new Zero Aero Pedal System at Eurobike.

Unlike Speedplay’s regular double-sided pedals, the pursuit of aerodynamics has led the company to develop a one-sided Zero pedal with a dimpled surface that sits flush with the similarly dimpled Zero Aero Walkable cleat.

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It’s clear Speedplay has looked to smooth airflow over the entire cleat and pedal. Bradley Wiggins put the new pedals to good use in his successful UCI Hour Record ride earlier this year.

The US company doesn’t offer any wind-tunnel or even any claims for the Aero Pedal System, so how much faster they are than the regular Zero pedals is unknown.

“With a tiny frontal area, a dimpled surface, and a streamlined profile, the Zero Aero is the ultimate aerodynamic pedal system,” claims the company.

The Zero Aero pedals aren't weighted. That means they won't sit at a useful angle to make clipping in easy, like regular one-sided pedals from the likes of Shimano and Look. For general road use that means you need to make sure you're engaging the pedal on the correct side. For racing and time trialling, where you're unlikely to unclip during a ride, that's less of an issue. Does rule them out just a bit for general cycling duties mind.

If you’re a current Zero pedal user you’ll be interested to know that the new Aero Walkable Cleat is compatible with regular Zero pedals. If you’re less interested in aerodynamics and more interested in being able to walk with some grace across the cafe floor, these could be a good upgrade over the regular cleats.

Also new is the Cleat Buddy, a plastic cap that screws into the cap to prevent dirt and grit penetrating the metal springs inside the cleat.

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The new Zero Aero pedals are available in stainless steel (105g, £229.99) and titanium (79g, £324.99) and are available to buy now. The Zero Aero Walkable cleat weighs 130g for a 3-hole mounting kit, and cost from £59.99.

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