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Exclusive discounts for Revolve24

The chance to ride the 24-hour Brands Hatch cycling event for free with writers + a 15% for all readers

How would you like a 15% discount and the chance to ride for free with members of the team at September's Revolve24 overnight 24-hour cycling relay event?

As a reader you automatically qualify for the 15% discount on the first ever Revolve24 at Brands Hatch motor racing circuit. It all rolls underway on the weekend of September 19, 20 and all you've got to do to get involved at the discount price is quote the following code at checkout: ROADCC15.

The overnight event will see cyclists ride Brands Hatch's surprisingly hilly tarmac in teams of two, four, six, and eight - and a special team from will be gracing that tarmac.

Two of our editors will join four Team members on the six-man team, the members of which will get a free VIP spot at the event.

In order to quallify for a free spot on the official Revolve24 team you must be a Team member - which can be done right now for the small fee of £14.95 for a year's subscription by following this link - and you must email //club [at]">club [at] and state your desire to join in.

The deal is open to all readers though, so just sign up and type in the coupon code ROADCC15. However, if you want to be grouped with us, or fellow users, you'll have to be a Team member.

If you're feeling crazy, or just really really strong, you can take on the event as a single rider. The entry price for a solo cyclist was originally £225, however that'll be cut to £191.25 with the discount.

Things get cheaper per-head if you're planning on attending in groups. A group of two will cost £178.50 each, £165.75 will get every member of a team of four a spot on the track, £148.75 each for a team of six, and £127.50 each for a team of eight.

If you're after a little more information about the event, you can check out our earlier piece on the event here, which goes into great detail about the fantastic employment of technology at the event, and the great app you can download in preparation.

Alternatively, you can visit the Revolve 24 website, and sign up while you're there. 

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