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Did you cycle your way into Google Street View?

Snapped as the car went past? Prove it!

When Google Street View first came out, there was something of a minor hoo-haa about cameras catching people doing things or being in places they shouldn't be. There were one or two red faces as otherwise respectable gentlemen were snapped coming out of seedy massage parlours and the police were quite interested in well-known villains photographed in 'interesting' locations.

But what about the rest of us? Are you immortalised in situ on Street View? And, of more interest to us at, were you snapped on your trusty two-wheeled steed? reader Nick Rearden knows someone who does – his mate Jurek, who lives in London. Nick writes: “Jurek started me cycling at school. He sent this link to me this morning and it took a while for it to dawn on me that Street View must have gone live everywhere. I'm guessing he must have spotted the Google car and waved before a very patient wait to see if he had appeared. Makes you wonder how many other cyclists have spotted themselves on their bikes?”

A competition for'ers appearing on Street View? Sounds like a great idea! Post us your pix and there's a cycle t-shirt for every entry… although we may have to re-think that if Streetview caught you and your mates out on a club run or we run out. Oh and sorry but it's UK only cos our postal budget won't stretch that far, well maybe for something exceptional it might.

Update: Our tiffin time deadline (see below) for posting has now passed and we are out of T-shirts, but if you have a pic of yourself on your bike on Street View please share it and your story with the rest of us, they've all be really interesting so far… so no pressure then.

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