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Video: McBike – McDonald’s drive thru packaging for cyclists

Trials run in Denmark and Colombia, but no plans for the UK at present

McDonald’s efforts to present a more health-conscious image have now given rise to McBike – takeout packaging specifically designed for cyclists using - if the accompanying video is anything to go by - McDonald's drive throughs.

Wired reports that the prototype McBike has so far been employed in Copenhagen and Medellin in Colombia. Burger and fries fit within their own compartments inside a box you hang from your handlebars with the drink hanging out of the bottom.

You can see more in the video below.

Further trials are planned for Amsterdam and Tokyo, but there’s no saying this is something they’re going to bring in permanently.

Even if it doesn’t come to much, this does at least hint at a change in attitude from the fast food giant. A couple of years ago, we reported how a Portsmouth cyclist and his four-year-old son were refused service at a McDonald’s drive thru.

The person at the service hatch seemed to take issue with his being a cyclist and he was told he had to park and go inside – something he couldn’t do because the trailer on his bike would have blocked traffic.

A McDonald’s spokeswoman explained: “McDonald’s supports the health and environmental benefits of cycling. However it is our policy not to serve cyclists through the drive-through lane.”

But nor can you take your bike inside. More recently, comedian Brian Conley was threatened with arrest after bringing his folding bike into a McDonald's in Aberdeen. Conley said that three Grampian police officers were called to the incident. He apologised and no action was taken.

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