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Which are the best cycling bib shorts? Help decide the People's Choice

We launch the People's Choice with the search for the best bib shorts...

Which are your favourite bib shorts? Does your bottom need cosseting with top-end, high-tech fabrics and pad, or do you have buns of steel that do just fine in budget shorts? In our first People's Choice survey, we hope to find out.

Read the results here.

We know readers never hesitate to tell us what you think when we review anything controversial. Our new People's Choice series is your platform to share your knowledge and tell us, the bike industry and your fellow readers about the products and places that you think are really great and that you use or visit everyday and would recommend to a friend.

We're kicking off with bib shorts because they're such a vital part of being comfy on the bike.

Here's how it works:

  1. Post the make and model of your favourite shorts in the comments. Drop in a link to where you can find them if you like.
  2. If your favourite is already there, just click the star to give it a 'Like'.
  3. The comments that get the most likes will be the People's Choice for bib shorts. Simple.

This is an experiment, of course, but if it's successful then future surveys will cover lots of other equipment, shops, cafes and so on. We might even manage to turn this into something as prestigious as the great Knot of the Year Award.

Over to you!

Update, June 25: Voting is now closed while we collate the responses. Thanks to everyone who took part!

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