Fancy a spin on this? Got a spare £22,000? It's yours!

Next week's Schwag Grab....naaahhh, only kidding...

Could this be the world's most expensive bicycle? If not, it must come pretty damn close at a breathtaking £22,000. The Factor 001 has been made by motorsport engineering company BERU f1 systems and will be available soon at a branch of Harrods near you.

It has Shimano Di2 electronic gears, a sleek carbon-fibre body, optional carbon-fibre hydraulic brakes and a Shimano Di2 STi gear shifters. The frame is also packed with load sensors, wiring, batteries and control cables that help the bike to collect up to 100 separate bits of ergonometric data—from skin temperature to respiration rate and humidity to individual leg power output.

And £22,000 is just for the base model, built (by six engineers) specifically to the buyer's measurements. The customer also gets some say as to how the bike looks and can add an engraving. All the extra goodies come to about £5,000 – a snip, eh?

However, given its light weight and high performance, the bicycle won't be making it to any races any time soon it probably couldn't be more UCI unfriendly if you stuck an engine on it. Luckily the BERU wasn't designed with any racing regulations in mind, but it will certainly make an excellent trainer. Or a machine to have a great big fat pose on around town - although given that standard security advice is to buy a lock that's 20 per cent of the value of your bike - you'll be needing the world's most expensive bike lock too.

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