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Hackney Council adds dual zebra crossing intended for both pedestrians and cyclists

Residents question whether drivers will understand it

Hackney Council has completed what they say is the UK’s first zebra crossing for both pedestrians and cyclists. Located where a cycle path crosses Richmond Road, the crossing gives pedestrians and cyclists priority.

The dual crossway features one striped side like a pedestrian crossing and another side painted like a standard cycle way.  

Hackney Council told EastLondonLines that the Richmond Road crossing lay on one of Hackney’s busiest pedestrian/cycle routes with approximately 3,700 pedestrians and 3,200 cyclists using it per day.

Hackney Councillor, Vincent Stops, who is chair of the planning committee, published a photo of himself using the newly-painted crossing on his Twitter feed and later retweeted an Instagram photo of it after (almost) all of the cones and barriers had been removed.

Earlier, he had described the dual use crossing as ‘a great innovation’.

“This pedestrian and cycling crossing looks to be a great innovation and seems to suit the location. I know residents will welcome it. I look forward to its completion and using it for real. Hackney has been consistently investing in improvements to its streets to benefit both pedestrians and cyclists for many years.”

One local cyclist, Stephen Jones, described the development as ‘a fantastic idea’. “It makes it so much safer for cyclists. I still think anything to make cycling safer is a very good investment.”

However, Christopher Williams felt that the council needed to install signs to warn drivers of the crossing. “If the rules are changed people need to be told”.

The council intends to gauge feedback before hopefully identifying other suitable locations for similar crossings.

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