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Ryanair "reduces" bike fee from €50 to €60, flies into cloud of Twitter derision

Dear Ryanair, can we have some fare "increases" next time we fly please?...

Cut-price airline RyanAir has flown into a storm of contempt on social media after announcing that it had "reduced" its fees for carrying sporting equipment, while actually adding €10 to the cost of flying with a bike.

In an announcement on its website this morning, the budget carrier said:

Ryanair, Europe’s favourite airline, today (28 April) enhanced its sport equipment carriage service and reduced its fees from a €50 flat rate into 5 different categories; bike, large sport, skis, golf bag and small sport, making it even easier for customers to travel with their sporting equipment on Europe’s lowest fares.

Ryanair customers can now book the following options:
Bike - €60 each way
Large sport (including but not limited to surfboard, canoe, kayak etc.) - €60 each way
Skis - €40 each way (reduced from €50)
Golf bag - €30 each way (reduced from €50)
Small sport (fishing rod, bowling ball, racquet, hockey stick etc.) - €30 each way (reduced from €50)

Ryanair describes this change to its sporting goods pricing structure as part of its “Always Getting Better” programme, but the announcement was swiftly dissected by the Twitter cycling community's arithmetical experts.

Others wanted to know just what you get for your money. Our own Big Dave is waiting to be told whether paying the fee now actually guarantees your bike will fly with you.

But maybe there are some new benefits? (It appears not.)

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