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Swindon cyclist dies after hitting parked lorry

Rider succumbed to injuries two days after collision

A cyclist from Swindon has died after riding into a parked lorry.

The 54-year-old man, who has not been named, died on Saturday, April 25 as a result of injuries sustained on Thursday.

He was was riding a black and white bike north west along the A 419 Cirencester Road, Latton when he collided with the rear of a parked lorry at around 3.50pm on Thursday April 23.

He sustained a significant head injury and a broken neck and was taken to Swindon's Great Western Hospital and then on to Southmead Hospital in Bristol. He sadly passed away on Saturday.

A spokesperson for South Western Ambulance Service said: "We were called to Cirencester Road at 3.51pm by the police to a road traffic collision, where we found one male casualty who had suffered a cardiac arrest.

"CPR was carried out at the scene and the male was transported to Great Western Hospital before being transferred to Southmead by the Wiltshire Air Ambulance."

Police ask that anyone with information on the incident should call PC Tatem on 101. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 where information can be left anonymously if preferred.

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ooldbaker | 9 years ago

I took up cycling to get fit after a heart attack, and cardiac arrests. I have an ICD fitted to restart my heart should I have another arrest.

I often wondered what would happen if I had an arrest whilst cycling. I was barred from driving for six months because of the risk, but allowed on a bike in that time.

The answer is that 99% of the time I would just slump off of the bike if it was only going slowly. To cause any real damage you would have to be going downhill quickly. Sadly this is something we spend very little time doing!

One explanation was that he suffered a very unfortunately timed cardiac arrest. If so, at least he would have known nothing at all about it. I wouldn't wish it on anybody and at 54 years it was much too soon, but last memories of flying along on a bike on a sunny day is what some might choose.

edster99 | 9 years ago

Rod Marton, it wasnt on the A419. It was on the Cirencester Road through Latton (which runs parallel to the A419). This was in the afternoon some time before the local thursday night TT. Might have been a guy warming up for it, but even as a local in one of the clubs organising the TT I have not heard any more info. Condolences to his family.

Rod Marton | 9 years ago

If this was on the A419, it is a dual carriageway/clearway and why on earth was the lorry parked there. If this was on Cirencester Road (the old road through the village), ironically this has been widely cited as an example of successful traffic calming and speed reduction. In either case there are questions which need to be answered.

Glasgow Cyclist | 9 years ago

It might have been a close pass by a motor vehicle. Don't forget the Andrew McNicoll case:

kwi | 9 years ago

Maybe the cardiac arrest was the cause.......

therealsmallboy | 9 years ago

Oh God that's awful!

How on earth did he ride into a parked lorry?

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