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Video round-up: Invisible cyclists, a barrier crash, rally driving inspiration & pizza

"Hop on" an anthropomorphic bicycle in this round-up, also see why city cycling sucks - why it's great - and a dog conga line...

If awe inspiring cycling rallying cries, crashes, road rage, and policemen getting caught out are your thing, wash your hands, take a seat, and tuck in to this bumper edition of the cycling video round-up.

As a quick précis, here's what you can expect: invisible cyclists - bikes with minds of their own flying over mountains, down steep descents, and around velodromes; another non-Paris-Roubaix barrier incident; cyclists taking rally driving inspiration; road rage; dodgy cops; street-side high-fives; and a dog conga line.

Canadian invisible cyclists

Is it a cycle safety bulletin? Is it an equipment advert? No, this amazing video is a rallying call to the people of Canada to get on their bikes and start pursuing excellence.

"Hop on," say Cycling Canada, the nation's cycling organisation set up to pursue world class standards in cycling at all levels, as fleets, swarms, and gaggles of different shaped bicycles move anthropomorphically through Canadian vistas.

The idea behind the video below, and the entire Hop On campaign, is to get more people cycling in whatever capacity they can manage - I don't know about you, but I'll be looking at my bike with a touch of trepidation next time I saddle up. Do they really have minds of their own?


Cyclist hits level crossing-esque barrier

At Paris Roubaix this week cyclists were slammed for jumping the barriers and narrowly avoiding catastrophe at a mid-race level crossing. Police are demanding action and the cyclists are yet to feel the full impact of their actions, unlike Sam in the video below, whose run-in with a similar barrier resulted in him feeling the full force of his actions immediately.


Deux North - Hunt 5

Deux North is a project undertaken by two brothers to recapture some of the childish abandon that they remembered that they used to feel riding their bikes as kids.

The Hunt series are a number of videos and stories that have been told alongside the people, landscapes, and moments that the brothers and their friends have met on their trips to rediscover their two-wheeled youth.

Hunt 5 features champion rally driver, Kris Meeke, as the brothers explore the sleepy beach town of Salou not far from the headquarters of the World Rally Championship.

HUNT 5 from Deux North on Vimeo.


Driver goes full road-rage

Cycling in cities is hard. Irresponsible and unnecessarily angry drivers, poorly thought-out infrastructure, and police officers with apparent double standards are just a few of the potential hazards. Funnily enough, the next two videos are rather good examples of two of the previously mentioned problems which cyclists have to face.


Pizza emergency

Now, this is a tough one. Cyclist with helmet cam confronts police officer breaking the law. Sound familiar?

According to a thread on Reddit, the police officer goes on to explain his decision to park in the bike lane in order to pick up a pizza. The officer suggests that it's okay for those in the emergency services to park in bike lanes so that if they have to leave in a hurry they can get away unimpeded. Fair enough, right?


Cyclist high-fived on London streets

Obviously, there are upshots to riding in the city. This is an unexpected but more than welcome one.


Cycling dog conga line

Okay, this one was published in 2011, but it's only just come to our attention, and what's not to love about a dog riding a bike being followed by six other dogs? There's no need to thank us for flagging this one up. We love it as much as you.


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