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#mycyclingweekend 10 - sunshine, showers, and socks

Jason Burns is our springtime snap winner - look out for more #mycyclingweekend sock competitions in the weeks to come

That's it, we're officially ten #mycyclingweekends deep! Before we delve into this week's photo banks, we'd like to thank everyone who has contributed pictures and helped us through this difficult, but very welcome, transition from winter to spring.

On Friday we decided mark this inaugural #mycyclingweekend landmark by running a springtime photo competition.

It seems that you took our advice to not focus too heavily on spring-themed tableaus a little too literally, and our selection of photographs - while as stunning as always - were a touch light on lambs and daffodils. 

However, we have chosen a winner. Jason Burns is a regular contributer to #mycyclingweekend and over here at towers we are particularly fond of his selfie-rich weekend ride montages. This week saw him take on a 100km ride to Waltham Abbey in Essex, basking in the spring sunshine, and even capturing a few dafodils in the background of one of his shots.


Thank you for your contributions Jason, a pair of socks will be on their way to you tomorrow.

The weather, as predicted, was fantastically changeable. We had both scorching sunshine and wicked wind down here in the South West, across the rest of the country you had an even greater variety - and the selection of photos we've recieved reflect that.

Here, in this small selection of snaps from the shores of the UK you'll see blue skies, beautiful cumulus cloud cover, snow - would you believe? - and overcast hill climbs.




Pete monstering Radford! The last hill on the VC Walcot Spring Classic (for us lot, anyway!) #mycyclingweekend

A photo posted by Stefano Marazzi (@stefmarazzi) on



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