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Genesis recalls steel forks on three 2015 road bike models

Got a 2015 Genesis Croix de Fer or Tour de Fer with a steel fork? It's been recalled

Genesis Bikes has issued a recall for the steel fork used on its 2015 Croix de Fer 10 and 20 bikes, and the Tour de Fer frameset. Forks will be replaced free of charge.

Genesis says: “We have identified that the steel forks on the following three models do not meet our stringent standards for long term durability.”

The company says there is “no immediate risk to safety” and there have been no reported failures. Affected forks will be replaced with a new fork, free of charge. If you have one of these bikes, you’re advised to contact your nearest Genesis dealer as soon as possible.

Replacement forks can be easily identified by the winged ‘G’ logo on the inside of the fork blade as shown above, so if your fork has this logo, your fork is fine and your have nothing to worry about. If there’s no logo on the inside of your fork, it needs replacing.

To clarify, the three models affected are the following:

2015 Genesis Croix de Fer 10 bike, Rosso Red.

2015 Genesis Tour de Fer frameset, Matt Silver.

2015 Genesis Croix de Fer 20 bike, White.

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