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Sigma launches RC Move watch and Activo fitness band

Two new fitness products from Sigma coming this year

Wearable tech is the big talk in the technology sector at the moment, and this week Apple released details of its new Watch, a product which many people expect to animate the wearable tech market in the same way the iPod, iPhone and iPad did. Sigma is a long-running name in the cycle computer business, and this year it has added the new RC Move watch and Activo fitness band to its 2015 range, along with a smartphone app.

The RC Move (£179.99) is a feature-laden watch that can be used for various sports, including running and cycling. It can be paired with a heart rate sensor and a smartphone, so it can use the GPS from the phone to provide speed and distance data. The watch has various modes, all the sort of stuff you'd expect of a serious training tool, and includes customisable training and fit zones, interval training sessions, a heart rate graph, lap counter, intensity zones and more. 

A big part of the new RC Move’s appeal is the new Move app that has been launched with it. The RC Move watch uses Bluetooth Smart to sync with a compatible smartphone (just iPhone at the moment) allowing you, for example, to create interval workout sessions on the app, and then download to the watch. Data from sessions can be uploaded to the app for analysis and sharing online. Another feature is the ability to control music from your phone via the watch. More details on all the features on the Sigma website.

Here’s a short video giving an overview of the features of the new Sigma RC Move watch.

Fitness bands have become quite popular in recent years, and Sigma has launched the Activo. It is designed to be worn around the clock and provides general fitness tracking, from counting steps and calories used throughout the day. It can also be used to monitor your quality of sleep.

Like the RC Move watch, it can be paired with the Move app so you can partner it with a smartphone. The battery is claimed to last about eight days and it’s waterproof, so you can take it in the shower. It’s available in three colours.

Price for the Activo is TBC. 

More info on both new products at and

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