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Steve Peat launches Zum Zum balance bike on Kickstarter

Downhill mountain bike champion helps to launch a brand new balance bike on Kickstarter

Downhill mountain bike world champion Steve Peat is supporting the next generation of champions by getting involved with the launch of the Zum Zum balance bike, which has just gone live on Kickstarter and is seeking $50,000 of funding to become a reality.

Balance bikes have become incredibly popular over the years. The Zum Zum is made from birch plywood and features just three parts, but the most novel feature is the natural suspension in the unique frame design. This, the company claims, makes it easier to use on rough outdoor roads and “protects the child's spine" when riding on bumpy paths.

The tyres are non-marking pneumatic rubber tyres so it can be used indoors. It has a padded seat and rubber grips. Zum Zum say the balance bike is ideal for children as young as 18 months and can be adjusted to size, both the height of the frame and the wheelbase can be increased. It will cater children up to 4-years-old. There are two wheelsizes available as well, 10 or 12in. The Zum Zum balance bike has been designed to be light, and it weighs a claimed 3.4kg (7.5lb)

The Zum Zum inventors have incorporated a NFC (Near Field Communication) tag into the handlebars that allows you to identify the balance bike from your smartphone. Each bike is also finished with Steve Peat’s engraved signature.

You can pledge your support from as little as $5, but if you want one of the first 500 bikes produced you need to pledge $149. Go take a closer look hre

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