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VIDEO: Driver displays fake police ID to cyclist after being confronted over ‘punishment pass’

Claims incident was cyclist’s fault for riding in the middle of the road

An Aberdeen cyclist has uploaded a video of when a driver flashed him a fake police ID in an attempt to intimidate him. The exchange took place shortly after the driver had passed at a distance the rider in question estimated to be less than half a metre.

The cyclist, who wishes to be known only by his YouTube username of Aberdeen Cycle Cam, told Aberdeen’s Press and Journal: “I have been cycling to work in Aberdeen for about 13 months. After ten months of harassment, bullying and a few near-misses on the road I decided to record all my commutes. This was the closest pass I have ever experienced.”

When the cyclist is on a roundabout, indicating to exit, the driver blasts his horn before executing what Aberdeen Cycle Cam has described as a ‘punishment pass’. When the man is then confronted at a subsequent red light, he blames Aberdeen Cycle Cam for riding in the middle of the road before claiming to be a serving police officer while brandishing the fake Northumbria Police ID.

“It is aggravated by the fact that the driver had clearly seen me previously on the roundabout and the close pass was on a double lane road. I wasn’t surprised that he tried to blame me – it’s common practice.”

Aberdeen Cycle Cam reported the incident to the police and a spokeswoman confirmed: “This man is in no way connected to Northumbria Police.”

Writing underneath the video, Aberdeen Cycle Cam says that both Aberdeen and Northumbria Police have spoken to the driver who is said to be ‘very remorseful’, attributing his actions to ‘a moment of madness’. A verbal warning was issued.

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