Cycling Party board game seeks Kickstarter funding + video

This one is claimed to be “most realistic” cycling board game

Hands up if you’re a fan of cycling and board games? Cycling board games aren’t anything new (just look at this collection to see what has come before) but here’s a brand new one called Cycling Party, a board game currently seeking Kickstarter funding. With 29 days to go they’re well over half way to their $5,000 goal.

What’s it all about then? Well the people behind Cycling Party describe it as bringing together the “excitement of road cycling as a sport and the enjoyment of strategy games.” Sounds good to us, and just ideal for getting through a cold winter evening. It’s been ten years in development and testing and one of the key aims has been to make a game that is easy to learn to play. They have even produced a video game tutorial to get you started.

It can be played with up to six players. Each selects a cycling team and you then have the responsibility to manage the movements of the team around the board game, with the aim to clinch victory at the end of a stage of individual classification. Players have ‘indicators’ such as 30 water bottles a team, sprints, flat section attacks, mountain attacks and double throws to use throughout the game.

The board game is made with interchangeable hexagon pieces that allows you to create any number of circuits before each stage, so you can introduce climbs and mountains where you want. There are 24 mountain passes. Games can last between one and two hours and can be played in three versions, junior, senior and master and designed to cater for all ages from 10 years up.

It’ll cost you $50 to help the creators reach their goal and get you a copy of the game. Pledge $150 and as well as the board game you can get an exclusive Cycle Party team kit as well.

That's the Christmas present sorted then. You can check it out at

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