Version 4.2 of popular app now available and introduces training goals and auto-pause

Strava has just released version 4.2 of its popular activity tracking app with updates including training goals, set by distance or time and easy tracking of these goals, alongside a new auto-pause function. The updated app is available for both Apple and Android smartphones.

“Goal setting is one of the most popular features on Strava.com, and for good reason: it’s an important motivational tool for every athlete,” said Alex Mather, vice president of product design at Strava. “Our data shows that members who set goals ride and run twice as often as those who don't set goals.”

The addition of auto-pause will be a welcome feature, already commonplace on cycling computers and GPS devices, and automatically stops the Strava app recording when you’ve come to a pause, whether it’s stopping at the lights or cafe.

The new Strava 4.2 app also offers better integration with Apple’s latest version of its iPhone operating system, iOS 8. It says iPhone Strava users can now stop and start activity recording through the new Notification Centre widget, therefore making it a bit easier and quicker to activate. This widget also displays real-time activity information such as elapsed time, speed, pace and total distance travelled.

The new app is available now in the App Store and early next week on the Google Play. As before, the app is free to download, with a premium membership offering enhanced functionality available for £3.99.

More at www.strava.com

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