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Check your performance stats minute by minute against yourself and others with new Strava effort comparison tool

New Strava effort comparison “can help highlight that finishing kick that won the race, or the brick wall that lost it”

Strava has launched a new ‘effort comparison tool’, allowing riders to compare their own segment times against others on a visual map, providing a minute by minute virtual race display.

Check how your live speed, heart rate, power, time gaps and position stack up against your precious efforts and those of others - up to two for standard Strava members and five for Premium members.

“It’s kind of like getting an MRI of your ride. You know your knee hurts but an MRI shows you the reason. And that’s what this does. You know you hurt really badly during that segment but you don’t know why or how you got beat and you can dig in and figure it out. It will either confirm or motivate you to change things next time around.” the American cyclocross rider Tim Johnson said on the Strava blog.

To show how it works, Strava set up a showdown between Laurens ten Dam and Thibaut Pinot on the San Jeronimo Glorieta segment, during La Vuelta Stage 4.

You can view it here.

If you’re already a Strava users, you can create your own Effort Comparison by clicking “Effort Comparison” in the Segment view of Strava.

According to Strava, the effort comparison “can help highlight that finishing kick that won the race, or the brick wall that lost it.”

What’s more, you’ll be able to compare “your personal best effort to the Course Record-holder or King/Queen of the Mountain.

"A map displays the athletes climbing on the segment. A roster details second-by-second stats (speed, heart rate and power) for each athlete, while a chart graphs the time gaps and oscillations between them.

“A click of the Play button and you can sit back and watch the action unfold.”

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