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Kristof Allegaert wins TransContinental Race

Belgian arrives in Istanbul ahead of race car to claim unsupported endurance title

Belgian Kristof Allegaert has won the TransContinental Race, arriving in Istanbul ahead of the race car in an epic eight day slog from London.

88 riders took part in this year’s unsupported Transcontinental, which left the capital last Friday.

Allegaert entered Istanbul early this morning following a lonely journey of over 3,400 kilometers through snowy mountain passes and extreme heat.

Allegaert slept just three hours every night in his attempt to win.

Richard Dunnett is now in second place, having overtaken Josh Ibbett who had a shifter malfunction and has been riding singlespeed .

Gaby Leveridge leads the women after taking the ferry across the Adriatic but is being closely pursued by Pippa Handley.

More to follow...

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