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Outdoors iPhone app says 'get lost' to getting lost

New app drops you right in the heart of the map

Weatherbeaten, abused and shoved into a damp handlebars bag, the trusty OS map is still the maintstay of the serious touring cyclist - but perhaps not for much longer if a new iPhone application called Outdoors lives up to its promise.

It was only a matter of time before someone replaced it digitally and here it is - an iPhone app that plonks you right into a virtual version of the OS map, making sure that you never need to stand at the roadside, scratching your head in the rain, again.

OutDoors is designed for cyclists and walkers and it will work even when your iPhone is out of range. The software locates the user within the map, enabling them to make sense of their surroundings. The maps themselves offer hundreds of times the level of detail found in other navigation aids such as Sat-Nav and will soon be developed for other Windows and Google software-based devices.

Inventor Daniel Taylor of RoadTour who developed the product said: “OS maps are the most detailed and accurate in the world and they are stunning creations. The beauty of our product is that it extends the experience and places the user within the map so that he or she can follow a route with confidence. Suddenly the word ‘lost’ simply no longer applies."

The product can be purchased on iTunes for £24.95 per region or just £1.99 for OutDoors Lite, which offers the whole UK road network. RoadTour has plans to develop the product for other devices and for other countries.

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