Can you dig it? Plus latest clip from London's Boris bike trialsters...

Martyn Ashton’s Road Bike Party videos have inspired quite a few homages, with other talented riders showing that road bikes aren’t as fragile or limited as many think. This amazing video from Italian Vittorio Brumotti is the best yet.

Not content with jumping on, off and around stationary objects that present only the danger of a crash-landing, Brumotti took himself to a working quarry and went leaping about on massive dirt-moving equipment while it was still moving.

Our mouths are open, our jaws are dropped and we’re reciting that great English mantra: ’Elf an’ safety nightmare.

“Martyn was one of my inspirations and I was a huge fan of everything he did on Road Bike Party,” said Brumotti. “My new film is my dedication to Martyn’s work.”

”I’ve known Vittorio for many years,” said Martyn Ashton of Brumotti, “He brought his energy and style to the competition scene and his passion for riding is legendary in the trials world. He has always wanted to inspire people through his riding and this video is certainly going to do that.”

“I recently travelled to the UK and met with Martyn at the GCN office,” said Brumotti. “I showed him the footage from my new video with the road bike. He loved it and we agreed GCN should make an edit especially for their cycling fans.”

In his native Italy, Brumotti is a national celebrity, thanks to his regular appearances on Italy’s most popular TV programme, Striscia la Notizia, among others. He is so well known that even on a recent visit to the UK he was mobbed for autographs and photos by excited Italian fans who were holidaying in Britain.

Bikes vs freerunners - as recommended by the UCI

Meanwhile back in Blighty, those scamps on Boris bikes at social video site Fightme.com have been at it again.

In their latest clip, trials riders on what look like Boris bikes (but are really trials bikes with blue bits on) take on freerunners as they dash about London.

“No Boris bikes were harmed in the making of this video,” they say in the video notes on YouTube, which will reassure fans of the iconic London hire bikes.

It’ll probably please UCI president Brian Cookson too. He tweeted the video this morning, and said: “Trials riding vs. freerunning in London. Looks like the #cyclists have it.”

Then he remembered his position of responsibility and added: “Don't try any of this at home, kids. Or anywhere else. Remarkable stuff. But not recommended.”

Damn shame; we were looking forward to seeing him riding the rooftops above Regent Street.

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