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Video: Cycling commuters caught unaware in Tesco Mobile ad

In a Remi Gaillard-esque advert a bunch of dreary commuters have their journey brightened up

Tesco Mobile are channeling French comedian and general madman Remi Gaillard and featuring cyclists in their new #BanishAverage advertising campaign.

DJ from the 90s, actor, and reality TV dabbler, Goldie, emerges from who-knows-where to front the campaign. The golden toothed electronic musician rides shotgun in a truck while a rather eccentric-looking girl rides an exercise bike in the back.

In the advert, which you can see below, seven unwitting commuters are filmed at 5pm on a dreary afternoon. They are overtaken by a man riding a penny-farthing and are then greeted by Goldie, hanging out of the truck.

A group of cyclists later catch up with the commuters as they come to a faux finish line, á la Gaillard’s video which we’ve got for you at the end of this article, complete with bunting, banners and confetti.

The production company responsible for the advert, Indy8, were unavailable to comment on the whether or not the commuters in the video are genuinely unwitting cyclists, or whether they’re actors who are being paid to play along jovially.

We're reluctant to suspend our disbelief, because as you can see in the video below, the response of the cyclists in Gaillard’s prank are not entirely positive. Well except for the last guy, he loves it.


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